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On re-organization of the North-Eastern region by the North Eastern Area (Re-organization) Act, 1971, a common High Court was established for the five North-Eastern States Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura ) and the two Union Territories ( Union Territory of Mizoram and the Union Territory of Arunachal Pradesh) and called as the Gauhati High Court. Thereafter, when Manipur attained Statehood, Imphal Bench of the Gauhati High Court came into existence on Friday, the 21st day of January 1972.

In exercise of the power conferred by Sub-section (2) of Section 31 of the North Eastern Areas (Re-organisation) Act, 1971, His Excellency, the President of India was pleased to establish the Permanent Bench of the Gauhati High Court at Imphal, vide Gauhati High Court (Establishment of Permanent Bench at Imphal) order dated 21st January, 1992. Hon'ble the Chief Justice of India, Hon'ble Mr. Justice M. H. Kania inaugurated the Permanent Bench at Imphal on Saturday, the 14th day of March, 1992 in the presence of the Governor of. ...

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Bullet 06.03.2021New
Notification regarding DSA Master trainers for imparting hands-on training to District Administrator, Process Administrator and Process Server/Bailiff for respective Court Complexes



Bullet 28.09.2022New
Notification regarding vacation court on Friday, 7th October, 2022.
Bullet 23.09.2022New
Notification regarding Hon'ble Mr. justice A. Bimol Singh will not hold the Court on 27th, 28th & 29th of September,2022.
Bullet 13.09.2022New
Notification regarding Auction Sales of Vehicles (One Maruti Van, One Maruti Esteem Car, One Maruti SX4)
Bullet 09.09.2022New
Notification regarding Hon'ble The Chief Justice will not hold Court on 15th and 16th and Hon'ble Mr.Justice Muralidaran will not hold Court on 12th and 13th September,2022
Bullet 06.09.2022
Notification regarding judgements/orders passed in Judicial proceedings shall clearly mention the presiding officers and the learned counsels appearing therein.
Bullet 05.09.2022
Notification regarding Hon'ble Chief Justice will not hold the Court from 6th to 14th September, 2022.
Bullet 01.09.2022
Notification regarding all dormant cases shall be listed from 05.09.2022 (Monday) onwards.
Bullet 29.08.2022
Circular regarding cutting down of trees without prior permission in the Court premises
Bullet 25.08.2022
Notification regarding written proposal for Designation of Senior Advocate
Bullet 20.08.2022
Notification regarding Hon'ble Mr. Justice M.V. Muralidaran will not hold the Court on Monday, 22nd August, 2022.
Bullet 01.08.2022
Notification regarding High Court of Manipur (Designation of Senior Advocates) Rules 2022.
Bullet 29.07.2022
Notification regarding extension of appointment of Joint Director, Manipur Judicial Academy.
Bullet 20.07.2022
Notification regarding Advisories as measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the High Court premises.

Bullet 06.06.2022New
Notification regarding the Benches for different Subject matters w.e.f 7th June, 2022


Bullet 11.08.2022New
Notification regarding Bench Constitution of National Lok Adalat on 13th August,2022.
Bullet 05.08.2022
Notification regarding of re-scheduling of National Lok Adalat on 13th August,2022.


Bullet 27.09.2022New
Notification for inviting sealed tenders from reputed hoteliers/restauarants for running "Canteen"in the High Court of Manipur.
Bullet 24.09.2022New
Tenders for running "Canteen" in the High Court Complex have been cancelled.
Bullet 13.09.2022New
Notification for inviting sealed tenders from the purchasers for auction sales of 3(Three) Condemned Vehicles of the High Court of Manipur.
Bullet 29.08.2022
Notification for inviting tenders in the prescribed format for running "Canteen" in the High Court Complex.

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Supreme Court of India came up in 1958 and is located on Tilak Marg, New Delhi. The Supreme Court of India functioned from the Parliament House till it moved to the present building....
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