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Home >> Former Judges from Maipur as CJ: Justice R.K. Manisana

Born on 02.02.1932 in a family of the royal descendants of ruling clan of the erstwhile monarchy of Manipur. Enrolled as a pleader on 13.07.1956 and as an Advocate on 15.07.1958 and conferred as Senior Advocate of the Gauhati High Court on 18.01.1980.
          Served as a Government Advocate cum Public Prosecutor of Manipur from 19.10.1972 to 20.10.1979. Also served as Senior Standing Counsel of the Income Tax Department for conducting cases before Imphal and Kohima Benches of the Gauhati High Court from 29.04.1975 to 29.11.1979. Appointed Advocate General, Manipur on 29.11.1979 and served in that capacity till elevation to the Bench.          
Assumed the charge of the office of the Judge, Gauhati High Court on 21.11.1984.         
  Assumed the charge of the office of the Chief Justice (Acting) from 12.12.1993 to 26.01.1994.          
Assumed the charge of the office of the Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court from 27.01.1994 to 01.02.1994.

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